• http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Play-England/100003558121622 Jane Play England

    Loved listening to you all talking on Radio 2 yesterday, and how evocative those memories of playing outdoors are for all ages! .. come and join the campaign – Love Outdoor play!


    • http://robandleo.com/ Leo Critchley

      Hi Jane, glad you like it! Your website looks like a fantastic resource, and the campaign sounds brilliant.

  • http://www.wholeland.org.uk/ Chris Holland

    HI Rob and Leo, Well done! It is so amazing that you have made it to the limelight.
    Your book looks great and Jane (see below) emailed me to say how much she enjoyed the show.
    I have written a book too, it’s a playful, hands on nature connection guidebook called I love my World.
    Do you know of it? I am trying to get it out there too. I think our books would look good on the shelf next to each other!
    I know we could see ourselves as competition, but looking at the bigger picture, anything we are doing to help people feel inspired and confident to get in contact with nature is a good thing.
    So here is my big ask, would you like a copy of my book? Can you help me with some press contacts?…. I have a press release ready to go, but not many people in the media business to send it to! Perhaps we can ride the wave of the National Trust report together you guys where you are, me in the South West.
    Here is a link to my website http://www.wholeland.org.uk and a little slideshow..http://youtu.be/YEtaG65B8J8
    and I am on facebook too.
    Good luck with everything you are up to!
    All the best