The ones that got away

Canada geese in flight

Rob and I both like to draw simply for our own enjoyment, and while we were writing and travelling for Skimming Stones and other ways of being in the wild, we did so pretty much continually.

Given the size and format of the final book, there was only space to include a select few of these drawings, but thankfully this blog gives us a chance to post some of the others and talk a little bit about them.

First, a few tales from the riverbank (click on the images to see them bigger and read more).

- Leo -

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  • Meadowcroft House

    Loved the book. Totally takes you out of yourself into the parallel world of nature. Any chance of buying prints of some of the pictures?

    • Leo Critchley

      Hi! Sorry for the delay getting back to you — this was flagged as spam by an over-zealous filter. We’ve had a few people request this, so we’re looking into it, watch this space!